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Bubble tea, also called boba tea, is a very popular drink in New York City now. The chewy tapioca pearls make bubble tea special. It also has fruit purees, teas, milk, sweeteners, and toppings mixed together so there are many combinations!

From tiny cafes to nice bubble tea bars, New York has great bubble tea everywhere. To find the best, I look at things like:

  • Do they use fresh ingredients?
  • Can I customize my drink how I want?
  • Are they eco-friendly?
  • Do they have unique options on their menu?

I also care about the vibe and look of the café. But most importantly, the flavors need to taste great!

You can find awesome bubble tea in all boroughs of NYC. Flushing, Queens has lots of tasty Taiwanese-style shops. Brooklyn and Manhattan have fun, Instagram-worthy places. Even Staten Island has cozy cafes.

One of my favorites is The Alley in Lower Manhattan. With cool brick walls, it looks like a secret hangout spot. Their logo, a deer head, makes you curious to go inside. But really, I go for their amazing customizable drinks.

The Alley handmakes everything daily, from infused teas, to fruit purees, to fun toppings. Their care and effort comes through in the complex flavors. If you want ‘gram-worthy and delicious bubble tea downtown, visit The Alley!

Best boba shop in New York City

Tiger Sugar

Address : 197 Canal St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 11:30 am–8:30 pm

Tiger Sugar started in Taiwan, and they make yummy brown sugar boba milk drinks. They say they invented this style of drink in Asia! Their famous drink is Brown Sugar Boba Milk. They add layers of their thick, homemade brown sugar syrup with fresh milk and chewy tapioca balls. Before you drink it, you shake the cup to create cool brown “tiger” stripes dripping down the sides.

While Brown Sugar Boba Milk is their bestseller, you can customize your drink too. Try additions like red bean, jelly, or cream cheese foam. There’s something for everyone!

Tiger Sugar uses top ingredients like brown sugar shipped from Taiwan and premium tea leaves. They want each drink perfectly fresh, but they’ve grown a lot because their boba is so consistent, cute for photos, and tasty. Now New York City has 3 Tiger Sugars, including one in Flushing, Queens so you can get your fix!

Beyond the original brown sugar boba milk, Tiger Sugar is also known for their floral Jasmine Green Milk Tea or richer Taro Q Bubble Milk Tea. Their Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Sandwiches make an Instagram-worthy on-the-go treat too, Bubble tea boba tea.

If you love Taiwanese-style boba in a nice café downtown, check out The Alley. As soon as you see their cool deer head logo on the brick walls, you know they take their boba seriously. They still make pearls and syrups by hand every day to keep quality high like traditional methods. You taste how much they care in any milk tea, fruit tea, or slush.

The Alley

Address : 38-02 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 11 am–10 pm

Inside The Alley, sunshine and big windows make great seats for talking with friends while enjoying boba. But people also come just to ‘gram the trippy Aurora drinks with fluffy cotton candy layers! Always creative yet traditional, The Alley does collabs too. Try their ube taro crème brûlée milk tea blended with ube mousse!

For first-timers I’d suggest their Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk for caramel-y richness, Assam Black Milk Tea for strong malty Assam tea flavor, or fruity Strawberry Matcha Lulu. But you can customize fruit teas, milk foam teas, slushies – make your perfect combo!

If you prefer local, family-run boba with super fresh ingredients in Queens or Brooklyn, check out Yi Fang Fruit Tea from Taiwan. Their story starts with a grandma harvesting overflowing pineapples on family farms. Her homemade jam was so delicious it got passed down generations! That ripe, fruity spirit goes into every cup.

Gong Cha

Address : 42 Mott St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 11 am–8:30 pm

Gong Cha is a huge global boba chain known for using amazing tea leaves from top Taiwan growers – the boba capital! They carefully watch brew temps, boba texture, foam freshness…keeping quality sky-high. This loving attention is why they grew so fast yet still attract boba lovers wanting the best.

Beyond excellent tea, Gong Cha’s signature creamy milk foam with a touch of sea salt adds velvety balance to sweetness. You can add this foam to any drink – Hong Kong milk tea, matcha latte…it makes them even richer!

For seasonal fun, try their red bean strawberry matcha latte made with fresh house strawberry puree. Vibrant and tasty!

With so many milk teas, fruit blends, foam teas, slushies to pick from, I suggest Earl Grey Milk Tea with bergamot aroma, spinach-accented Green Tea Latte for nutrients, or Taro Q Bubble Milk Tea for thick, taro starch sweetness.

Gong Cha

Boba Guys Soho

Address : 145 Greene St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 11 am–7 pm

Premium boba maker Boba Guys shook things up, making humble bubble tea trendy in America! With a green business model – organic milk, domestic teas – they attract fans wanting ethically sourced, evolving flavors. Sip Mulan Guava Oolong or creamy vegan Brown Sugar Matcha Latte with coconut milk and brown rice milk.

Global fusion comes across in creative seasonal drinks like mango lassis or Mexican horchata. And you customize sweetness, ice, everything! Their minimalist shops encourage lounging with your customized creation.

Yes, Straus Family Strawberry Matcha Latte has devotees. But try their many green, black, oolong or floral teas too! Fruity infusion fans adore the Korean Banana Milk or Piña Colada with passionfruit. Or cozy up with spiced chai, coffee boba – lots to discover!

ViVi Bubble Tea takes playful, fresh approaches to teas, fruit blends, coffee, soda…with fun additions you rarely see elsewhere like chia seeds, basil seeds, aloe bits, grass jelly. Their huge array and vibrant branding delights the senses!

Sweet Cats Cafe

Address : 168-17 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 12–8:30 pm

In Flushing, Queens, Sweet Cats Cafe looks like a colorful boba wonderland! Their two-story pink paradise has cute details like rainbow claw games and plushies everywhere. But the real stars are their super unique drinks. With over 50 fruit fusions, cheese teas, juices and icy blends, their tea menu is huge! boba near me

While you sip something vibrant downstairs, you can play arcade games to win a fluffy souvenir. Upstairs has chairs that swing and light-up tables for chatting with friends over music. Sweet Cats makes boba magic for all ages!

Famous drinks here include the Flaming Brown Sugar Milk Tea with subtle charcoal smokiness, strawberry-fruity Sakura Fraise White Tea, or creamy Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie. But I love how Sweet Cats dreams up new flavors monthly – always something fresh to try!

Sweet Cats Cafe


Address : 217 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012, United States

Open In Google Maps : Link

Working Hours : 11 am–9 pm

Blending elegance with cool innovation, Debutea’s swanky Manhattan and Brooklyn tea bars reimagine boba as a luxury experience. Sleek wood decor makes a refined setting for tea cocktails, floral oolongs, smoothies…not just milk teas! And their dumplings, sandwiches and shrimp burritos elevate the usual bakery snacks.

Some drinks skip plastic cups entirely, arriving stunningly layered in cylindrical glass jars – almost too gorgeous to drink! Pre-show or while exploring neighborhoods like SoHo, Debutea’s atmosphere and attention to quality shine.

Newcomers praise the summery floral Jasmine Milk Tea, complex oolong Detention Tea Latte, and Honey Pom Oolong refreshing with crisp pomelo and creamy honey against deep oolong notes. Raise your tea game at Debutea! boba drinks near me.


With so many boba shops in NYC, where to start? Think about what matters most. Foodies emphasize mom-and-pop spots for limited flavors and passion. Instagrammers want maximum photos. Social butterflies need plush seats to host friends, boba drinks in NYC.

Of course taste trumps all – avoid gimmicks alone. By trying uptown to downtown spots, gems can hide where you least expect! Maybe a tiny fruit stand has the most balanced blends after hours. Or an understated shop with slick digital ordering surprises. Sip across the city with an open mind!

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