Best Electronics Stores in New York City

New York City has very good electronics stores if you need something new. From big stores like Best Buy to small stores like Micro Center, you can find the newest gadgets and things. The top stores have great choices, good prices, and helpful people.

One of the most popular electronics stores in New York is Best Buy. They have a few stores in Manhattan, like the ones on 23rd Street and near Union Square. At these stores, you can see all the big brands of computers, phones, TVs, smart home stuff, game stuff, cameras, and more. Best Buy also has sales a lot so you can get good prices. The people who work there can help you find the right products.

If you want to build a computer or have a home office, go to Micro Center just over the river in New Jersey. They have lots of computer parts and office things. Their workers can help you pick parts that work together to build a computer. Micro Center focuses more on tech stuff for people who really know computers.

Top Places

Some good places for Best Buy stores are on 5th Avenue and 14th Street near subways and buses. The big 5th Avenue store has everything on multiple floors. And the Union Square spot is right by the train station.

Micro Center is just over the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey. On Route 3 in Paterson. It’s a big store with lots of computer parts and full computers. Workers there can help you pick parts to build your own computer.

B&H Photo downtown near Columbus Circle also has tons of tech stuff. You can go in and look at cameras, video gear, computers, and more. At their NYC store you can try out all kinds of new tech.

Electronics Stores

CTL Electronics, Inc.45 Murray St, New York, NY 10007, United States 9 am–5 amLink
Apple Fifth Avenue767 5th Ave, New York, NY 10153, United States Open 24 hoursLink
Best Buy5001 Northern Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States 10 am–8 pmLink
Electronics Garden423 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States 9 am–12 amLink

What You Can Buy

New York electronics stores have almost anything tech you can think of. Best Buy has the newest phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, speakers, smart home stuff, game systems, cameras, and more from the top brands.

At Best Buy you can try out cameras, computers, phones, fridges, washing machines, and more. You can order over 1000 things online for delivery or pickup at the store too.

Micro Center just focuses on computers and parts for builders and gamers. Their shelves have CPU chips, video cards, storage drives, RAM, mice, monitors, networking equipment, gaming chairs, etc.

The Apple World Trade Center store shows the newest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and other Apple stuff. Their tables let you try the products and see all the features up close.

B&H Photo has a whole floor for professional cameras, video gear, lenses, lighting, and more. You can test out top equipment from Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. before buying.


Best Buy says they match prices and also have sales and deals. You’ll see lower prices in store on clearance or open box items. Their weekly ads and online deals list current sale prices store wide or for certain products.

Micro Center gives nice discounts on parts for building PCs, like CPUs, video cards, storage drives, etc. Their open box and refurbished stuff lowers prices too.

The Apple World Trade Center store has new iPhones and iPads for different budgets. Students and military can sign up for extra low pricing.

Sign up for My Best Buy rewards to get member-only deals and earn points for future discounts when you buy stuff. You can redeem points to save money next time you visit.

Getting Help

Best Buy workers know a lot about electronics since the company trains them on the products. Managers really understand tech from their years of experience too. They can help you choose stuff and answer questions.

Micro Center staff also get deep training on the computers and parts at their stores. The experts there can easily pick parts that work together if you want to build a PC. They’ll suggest builds for your needs and budget.

The Apple World Trade Center store has Genius Bar appointments to fix iOS and Mac issues. The Geniuses really understand Apple hardware and software to diagnose problems and give you options.

Visiting the Stores

Best Buy is like a playground to try the newest phones, TVs, speakers, and more tech. Their camera store in Chelsea has cool product displays to show off what cameras can really do.

Micro Center has gaming PC demos so you can test budget, medium, and high-end systems. You can measure their frame rates and load times while seeing the parts available in the store.

The Apple World Trade Center store has nice tables showing all the new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and accessories. You can try iOS 16 or MacOS Ventura on the unlocked devices while enjoying the awesome views.

B&H Photo can also clean your camera sensor and repair your equipment at their stores. So your gear stays working great as long as you own it.

Top Brands

You’ll find all the big names like Apple, Samsung, Sony at New York electronics stores. Best Buy sells and supports the latest iPhones, Galaxy phones and can activate Androids like Google Pixel. New Galaxy S23’s are on pre-order now.

You’ll see top TVs like LG OLEDs, Sony cognitives with super clear images, plus Samsung, Hisense with great pictures. Sony, JBL and Bose headphones and speakers are also popular.

Micro Center sells ASUS computers from cheap essentials to high-end gaming PCs with new GPUs and processors. They’re a famous brand from Taiwan making quality laptops, desktops, and gaming gear.

Home Electronics

At Best Buy you can order or see top home brands like Samsung fridges, LG washers/dryers, and smart Whirlpool or GE appliances. They also have smaller stuff in store like microwaves, vacuums, fans, and little kitchen gadgets.

P.C. Richard & Son stores are known for huge TV and full kitchen selections – fridges, ovens, laundry, etc. You can really inspect models up close before buying.

Computers & Accessories

Best Buy has lots of Windows laptop brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo with new fast processors for school or creative work. For accessories they carefully pick monitors, printers, drives, software and some parts for minor upgrades.

Micro Center is best for build your own PCs. Their unmatched parts inventory has CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, SSDs/hard drives to fully customize desktops or upgrade what you have.

For Apple fans, Apple Stores like World Trade Center show the new MacBooks with M2 chips, iMacs, plus Apple accessories like Magic keyboards and Thunderbolt displays.

External drives, printers, networking equipment is easy to find at Best Buy, Micro Center, etc. Great extras to stay productive.

Computers & Accessories

Phones & Tablets

The beautiful new iPhone 14 models shine in Apple Stores or retailer counters like Best Buy. All the cases and MagSafe chargers are right there too.

Apple has tips online to buy unlocked phones fully paid up front, useful if you want flexibility. Paying in installments can also help with budgets.

For Android, Galaxy S23 pre-orders just started alongside other S22’s. Motorola and more have affordable options on display. Tablets range from M2 iPad Pro’s to Galaxy Tab S8’s.

Carrier stores downtown and in malls can bundle new account phone plans. But reading reviews first on helps find lesser known brands that better fit you.

Cameras & Video

B&H Photo’s whole floor for photography gear tops NYC stores. Compare digital and film cameras, all budget lenses, lighting kits, stabilizers. Their video section has mics, switchers, teleprompters, monitors to elevate projects.

Best Buy and Micro Center work better for simple point-and-shoots, mirrorless, entry DSLRs to capture memories.

Repairs & Support

Best Buy Geek Squad does installations, repairs, troubleshooting for home and business tech. They have experts on TV mounting, appliance delivery and hookups, computer help, home automation, car. Apple Store Geniuses help fix iOS and MacOS issues.

Micro Center staff can test parts and pair components to avoid issues. Employees there budget builds, provide assembly guidance or construct systems fully.

Best Buy and Apple have easy returns or exchanges on opened items bought recently. Best Buy rewards members get extended holiday return windows.


New York really does have great electronics stores like top retailer Best Buy, computing store Micro Center, slick Apple Stores, and legendary B&H Photo gear shop. Know what you need through reading reviews first.

Then ask store experts good questions about features, parts etc. when testing models in person. Comparing prices and options between stores can uncover best values for you.

With some prep and employee help when visiting, New York stores should connect you with electronics to match what you want.

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