Best Gyro in New York City

Have you ever looked for that perfectly spiced gyro with good flavors, textures, and fair pricing in NYC, but could not find it? As gyro lovers, we know it is hard. But don’t worry, this will guide you to the most tasty gyros the city that never sleeps has.

Gyros are more popular in NYC for good reason – these Greek sandwiches with tasty sliced meat, tzatziki sauce, vegetables, and more between warm pita bread or over rice taste very good.

The rotating meat cooking on vertical turns, sliced as needed, gives the soft textures and strong flavors that make gyros special. An real NYC gyro gives you the tastes of the Mediterranean through fresh, good ingredients.

When looking for the best gyros in the concrete jungle, things like ingredient quality, service, pricing, and feel set the good from the great. The top gyro places use fresh, never frozen halal beef or chicken sliced very thin, wheat pita baked that day, farm-fresh veggies, and homemade tzatziki and sauces.

They are served with real Greek hospitality in nice, welcoming restaurant insides or even mobile food trucks. And fair priced menu items mean enjoying these Mediterranean delights does not cost too much.

This NYC gyro guide talks about the top options across all these things – we walk you through the best restaurants and food trucks to get your gyro fix. You’ll find out about the most tasty spiced meat, perfect produce pairings, fair pricing, and places across New York City to enjoy the full tangy, juicy gyro you want.

Best Gyro in New York City

The Iconic Halal Guys Cart

The Halal Guys food cart has become an iconic place in busy Midtown Manhattan. Started in 1990 by three businessmen, it began giving halal meals to Muslim cab drivers. Their now famous chicken and gyro over rice platter, with tomatoes, lettuce and pita bread and the signature red and white sauces, offers a popular NYC street food taste.

The Halal Guys gyro meat balances zesty Mediterranean seasoning and tasty juiciness from the rotating cooker well. High-quality halal beef and chicken gets hand-rubbed with a special spice mix before being sliced very thin when ordered. Big portions stuffed into warm pita or served over fluffy rice make diners’ taste buds happy.

The famous red and white sauces take eaters away to Greece and the Middle East through bursts of creamy, tangy and spicy flavors. Cool cucumber tahini and tasty secrets give the white sauce its richness. Vinegar, olive oil and a custom pepper mix ignite heat in the red sauce.

Platters cost between $6-8 – very fair for the Manhattan place and portion sizes. Expect lines at busy times but service is quick. Open for lunch through late night 7 days means gyro access for those surprise cravings too!

While The Halal Guys now have places worldwide, the 53rd and 6th cart stays a one-of-a-kind NYC taste. Watch out for copycats nearby lacking the original’s secret seasoning and sauces. During COVID-19, enjoy takeout or delivery from the original or local franchises.

The Iconic Halal Guys

Gyro restaurant

Uncle Gussy’s345 Park Ave, New York, NY 10154, United States 9 am–4 pmLink
Super Gyro1624 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10029, United States 11 am–9:30 pmLink
The Halal Guys720 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025, United States 10 am–4 amLink
Soup & Gyro Turkish Mediterranean Food178 Church St, New York, NY 10013, United States 11 am–10:30 pmLink

Real Greek Eats in Upper East Side

Go up to the Upper East Side’s Greek Eats restaurant for their famous gyro sandwich – packed with fries for more happiness! .Their tasty chicken and lamb gyro meat gets hand-cut and marinated in imported Greek olive oil, lemon, oregano and other Mediterranean secrets. Rotating on the spit, it becomes tender and zesty that you’ll want.

Beyond gyro, Greek Eats offers classic salads with creamy feta, olives, peppers and cucumbers. Their Greek dips like tzatziki, hummus and taramasalata go great with pita bread or gyro. Spinach pies, moussaka casseroles and more round out real deals on Greek menu favorites!

Run by a Greek family dedicated to realness, Greek Eats adds fair pricing under $15 for a filling lunch or dinner any day due to area fame. The bright inside with friendly staff makes every visitor feel at home for the famous gyro and other Greek eats!

Diners love the clean Greek blue and white decor with Aegean accents, not to mention the spotless kitchen seen behind the counter. Enjoy the welcoming air for takeout or indoor seating following pandemic rules.

Real Greek Eats in Upper East

Family Recipes at Uncle Gussy’s

Uncle Gussy’s food truck stars in Midtown East and the Financial District, selling real Greek food from loved family recipes since 1971. Their acclaimed gyro in a warm pita or as a platter over fries stands out from the Manhattan rivalry.

Hand-picked imported Greek things like olive oil, lemons and oregano let Uncle Gussy’s recreate the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean truly. Seasoning recipes passed down generations put unique zest into their soft chicken and lamb gyro meat.

Platters come stuffed with gyro slices, tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce and cool tzatziki sauce for a fresh bite. Or try their gyro as a wrap in fluffy pita bread. Pair it with a side of Uncle Gussy’s Spiced Fries topped big with feta cheese crumbles.

Those looking to cater office meetings and events should think about Uncle Gussy’s freshly made gyro platters, salads, dips and more to please colleagues. Contact them for details to organize a company lunch or dinner that earns you extra points!

Very fair pricing under $10 even in expensive Manhattan locations keeps Uncle Gussy’s platters open for regular happiness. Now a NYC staple run by the founder’s sons, you can find an Uncle Gussy’s truck in Midtown East, FiDi, Upper East Side and Queens.

In 2021, Uncle Gussy’s earned the title of Best Gyro in the Bethpage Federal Credit Union game. During COVID-19 limits, take advantage of online ordering for fast pickup or delivery across NYC!

Family Recipes at Uncle Gussy's

Classic Greek Food at The Greek Kitchen

The Greek Kitchen, open over 20 years just off Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, serves affordable gyro platters and other Greek hits. Their tasty chicken and beef gyro meat cooked vertically on turning spits practically melts from juicy softness.

Big slices carved when ordered get stuffed into a warm pita or served atop a crisp Greek salad, bulgur wheat or rice. Romaine, red onion, tomatoes and creamy tzatziki sauce balance the zesty gyro well. Then feta crumbles, kalamata olives, cukes and peppers add cool contrasts.

Beyond their standout gyro, The Greek Kitchen offers budget-friendly lamb, seafood, vegetarian specialties, mezes and more. So bring friends and explore the menu together. Their cozy inside filled with regulars has a welcoming Greek charm thanks to the staff.

Nautical decor like a huge Greek fishing boat model behind the bar will take you across the Atlantic into a tavern in the Aegean islands. The blue walls hint at peaceful skies and seas during an perfect Mediterranean lunch break from Manhattan rigors.

Favorites Across the Areas

In Northwest Queens, BZ Grill’s famous pork and chicken gyros turn perfectly on vertical spits to get ideal crisp edges yet tender cores. Big shavings stuffed into warm pita get amplified by BZ’s incredible tzatziki – cool yogurt balanced with dill, garlic and lemon for a tangy creaminess.

Those wanting customization should try Manhattan fast casual chain GRK Fresh Greek. With places across Midtown, Financial District, Greenwich Village and more, build-your-own pitas and plates allow tailoring gyro toppings to taste. Quality sliced meat, cheese crumbles, sauce drizzles and chopped veggie mix-ins satisfy with flexibility across NYC.

Jetting off from or landing in LaGuardia Airport soon? Ave Gyro in Long Island City serves up tasty chicken or lamb carved from turning cones. Their secret spice mix puts Mediterranean zing into the soft meat, which gets stuffed into pillowy pita bread with traditional Greek garnishes.

Cross the George Washington Bridge into Fort Lee NJ to find Zorba’s Greek Restaurant just 5 minutes away. Their Greek Salad shines, topped with tasty gyro slices and feta crumbles matched perfectly with olives, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and crisp lettuce in a lemony dressing.

NYC offers such gyro diversity across carts, trucks, cafes and restaurants citywide. Sample these spots and more to find your perfect balance of spices, textures, garnishes and price to satisfy gyro wants!

Final Words

As seen, New York City has no shortage of exceptional gyros from street cart starts like Halal Guys to established NYC Greek restaurants such as Uncle Gussy’s and The Greek Kitchen. Common things like fresh, quality ingredients, real seasoning and cooking processes plus Mediterranean essence make these gyros impossible to resist.

Try a few go-to spots on this NYC gyro list over time to find your ideal fit tailored to taste preferences, budget and location convenience across the areas. The possibilities satisfy any craving thanks to the concrete jungle’s diverse Greek offerings!

With this guide sharing needed details on the most crave-worthy gyros in town, finding that perfect NYC gyro packed with zesty flavor, welcoming service and fair prices simplifies. We hope mapping out these favorites helps fulfill your Greek cuisine dreams so you can taste the meaty magic loved across the Mediterranean right here in the Big Apple!

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