Best Places to Keep Your Luggage in New York

New York City has many fun things to see and do for visitors. But carrying heavy bags and suitcases around can make exploring not as easy or fun. Finding a good, safe place to store your luggage lets you freely immerse yourself in the exciting New York City experience without burdens weighing you down.

This guide gives key details on top luggage storage choices in New York City to make storing your bags easy. We’ll talk about places near popular spots like Times Square, Grand Central, big museums, and choices open 24/7 or cost less. With luggage taken care of, you can confidently go out and make the most of every minute in the city that never sleeps!

Bounce and LuggageHero lead luggage storage in NYC. They have big networks of checked store partners. Schwartz Luggage Storage offers one prime spot right by Penn Station. Vertoe also has good coverage around the city. These companies let you book online. They give insurance, safety seals, rates around $6 daily per bag, and different storage limits.

When picking a storage place, think about how close it is to places you want to visit. Opening hours also matter – some spots let you drop off or get bags 24/7. Review rules too for payments, bag size limits, etc. Choosing right, you can travel light and focus on making lifelong Big Apple memories.

Basics About Luggage Storage

Luggage storage typically means leaving your bags at a safe place when you have extra time between hotel check-in/check-out or flights. You simply drop off your luggage and pick it up later for a small fee. Storage choices range from dedicated luggage rooms at major transit stations to separate storage companies that use space at partner hotels, cafes and shops across neighborhoods.

Costs differ and depend on the provider, location, storage length and bag size. Expect to pay around $5-10 daily. Some companies like Luggage Hero also offer hourly rates starting at $1 per bag. Safety of your belongings is very important. Look for storage partners that use staff supervision, CCTV, safety seals, ID checks and secure storage rooms or lockers.

When picking a luggage storage place, think about how close it is to your hotels or sights, opening hours, costs, item size rules and upfront payment needs to best fit your needs.

Main Benefits

Luggage storage in New York City makes sightseeing and exploring much easier, saving effort and time. Key perks include:

  • Avoid having to carry heavy bags to sights, tours, events
  • Spend more time focused on what you want to see and do
  • Store safely between early hotel check-outs and late flights
  • Gain flexibility to change plans and extend trips if needed
  • Get insights on attractions from local store partners

Popular Spots

Main places where you’ll find luggage storage in NYC include:

  • Grand Central Station
  • Penn Station
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports
  • Times Square
  • Midtown Manhattan
  • Downtown/Wall St area
  • Soho
  • Near top museums and sights

Luggage Storage at Airports

New York City’s big airports have limited luggage storage choices right at the airports. JFK Airport has storage rooms at Terminals 1 and 4 with costs based on bag sizes. LaGuardia and Newark do not offer airport luggage storage. Operating hours also tend to be limited.

As other choices, widespread off-airport storage companies like Bounce, LuggageHero and Vertoe have partners located near all the airports. These let you drop off bags for the full day at low rates around $5.90 daily. Partners located near transit hubs also make direct airport connections easy.

For arriving travelers with layovers, storage near airports lets you safely store bags while freely exploring the city. Departing flyers can lighten loads early rather than waiting idly with luggage. Review storage maps and choices ahead to pick the best providers matching your airport, hours and budget.

Luggage Storage at Airports

Luggage Storage at Train Stations

Penn Station offers an Amtrak police-watched luggage storage room with affordable rates for train travelers. Grand Central Terminal does not have official luggage storage on-site. Lockers are also very limited at both stations.

Other off-site storage companies like Schwartz Luggage (near Penn Station) and Bounce or LuggageHero (Grand Central area partners) fill storage needs near the train hubs. These nearby options let you securely store bags for whole days and have wider opening times vs train station facilities.

Check storage finder maps to pinpoint partner spots closest to your stations based on nearby sights. For Grand Central travelers, pick places along 42nd St near Pershing Square or 5th Ave. For Penn Station, look along 7th Ave near Madison Square Garden. Bookings for off-site companies are recommended for availability.

Short-Term Luggage Storage

Some companies like Luggage Hero offer short-term hourly luggage storage in New York City, splitting prices into smaller rental times. Travelers pay for exact use rather than overall daily fees. Rates can be as low as $1 per bag per hour.

The flexibility comes at a cost of higher hourly prices that add up fast, so short-term storage works best for under 5 hours. Otherwise daily rates with others offer better value. Short-term rentals allow you to store bags without strict time limits though and change plans if needed.

Beyond LuggageHero, MyBagCheck focuses only on short-term hourly luggage storage. Schwarz Luggage also bases pricing on bag quantities and hours used rather than daily costs. Compare options against trip length and budget when deciding.

Luggage Storage at Museums and Galleries

Many museums and galleries in New York City provide free cloakrooms or coat checks that can temporarily store luggage for visitors before going in. Policies vary at each place regarding what bags can be stored based on factors like sizes, types, group amounts and positioning.

For example, some spots only allow small personal items to stay with visitors, restricting bigger backpacks or rolling suitcases. Also, rules may require carrying rather than wearing permitted bags. Call ahead or check museum websites when planning trips to understand specific rules.

The main benefit of museum luggage storage is direct on-site access when visiting. This saves you from making an extra stop to store bags elsewhere. But museums only hold items while you are inside, not whole days. Also, space is limited during crowded times.

Top New York City museums like the Met, MoMA, Guggenheim and Natural History Museum offer temporary luggage storage options for guest convenience under set guidelines.

Luggage in New York

Oeg luggage storage34 W 46th St 3rd floor suite 302, New York, NY 10036, United States 9 am–12 amLINK
Bounce Luggage Storage – Penn Station NYC157A W 35th St, New York, NY 10001, United States10 am–5 pmLINK
Bounce Luggage Storage – 24/7 Canal Street393 Canal St, New York, NY 10013, United States Open 24 hoursLINK
LuggageHero – Luggage storage Grand Central Terminal168 E 44th St, New York, NY 10017, United States8:30 am–6 pmLINK

Luggage Storage at Other Businesses

Beyond hotels and museums, many shops, restaurants or places in New York City may store luggage short-term as a courtesy if there is room. For example, restaurants could hold bags at coat checks and stores like souvenir shops might watch suitcases behind counters.

The flexibility comes balanced by informality – not all spots can fit luggage. Space issues and willingness also affect things. Be polite when asking for help, offer a tip and don’t expect guaranteed acceptance even if first promised.

That said, visitor-facing establishments like Madison Square Garden, Times Square souvenir stores, Downtown gift shops and Midtown eateries catering to tourists have reason to store bags when possible as a service.

Luggage Storage for Events and Sights

Storing luggage near big New York City happenings lets you travel light between events and sights. Storage networks like Bounce or LuggageHero offer partners right by Times Square, Wall St., the 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge and other icons.

When booking sightseeing plans, match locations of interest against storage sites placed enroute across neighborhoods. Group reservations by area, using temporary storage as holdover points to safely store bags between activities.

For example, store luggage after seeing the Empire State Building before walking to explore 5th Ave. Or, keep bags near Madison Square Park as a home base while popping over to Koreatown for lunch then browsing shops at the Flatiron Building.

Long-Term Luggage Storage

Some luggage storage companies cater to travelers needing to store bags for extended periods over single days while out of town. For example, Bounce offers long-term plans for weeks-long storage spanning trips or temporary moves.

Pricing per day drops after the first day when booking long-term. But upfront commitment to fixed storage length is required. This suits travelers on open-ended trips or with interim housing needs. But short-term storage works better for brief layovers.

The benefit of long-term booking ensures your bags stay housed at partner spots without needing to move them around. Some cases where prolonged storage helps includes:

  • Multi-week vacations with mid-stay lodging gaps
  • Business trips with scattered hotel nights
  • Awaiting permanent housing between NYC moves
  • Out-of-town work projects

Luggage Storage Safety and Protection

Reputable luggage storage companies use extensive measures to protect your things, including staff supervision, security cameras, tamper-proof bags and zip ties, ID checks and secure storage facilities.

Many providers like LuggageHero and Bounce also offer standard insurance plans covering bags up to $3,000 – $5,000 if damaged, lost or stolen when stored through them. Premium extra plans provide higher coverage per trip.

You can further safeguard valuables by not checking in anything irreplaceable. Lock zippers or use TSA locks on stored luggage. Also photograph bags during drop off and tell vendors immediately about any pickup issues or suspicious activity seen.

Luggage Storage Safety and Protection

Luggage Storage Tips and Suggestions

Finding convenient, secure luggage storage is key to completely enjoying bag-free New York City. Here are top tips to maximize available options:

  • Book early online for availability at top companies like LuggageHero, Bounce
  • Compare location maps against planned trips when picking
  • Pack essentials like medicine or valuables to carry rather than store
  • Take phone pictures during drop off and attach provided safety seals
  • Know operating hours for pickup aligned to attraction closings/ transport departures

Carefully checking storage partners upfront ensures reliable support throughout your trip. Verify quality through visitor reviews and ratings. Reputable vendors offer convenient facilities with extensive security so you can discover the best of NYC freely.


Finding reliable luggage storage in New York City lets you explore this famous destination freely without carry limits. As we’ve talked about, great companies like Bounce and LuggageHero now offer traveler-friendly facilities across main neighborhoods near attractions, transit hubs and hotels.

Trusted local partners provide space to stash your bags securely for whole days at reasonable rates around $5.90 per bag. You simply book a spot online ahead for availability, drop off items and pick up later, giving you flexibility to tour at your own pace. Partners also give handy area tips to visitors.

Comparing storage maps and rules lets you match the ideal provider to locations you’ll visit in your customized trip plan. Using reputable luggage storage removes hassle and opens up more time to make memorable moments experiencing New York City’s energy and culture your way.

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