b&h Places In New York City 2024

When we think about cameras and photography, B&H is a famous place in New York City. For over 40 years, people who love cameras and technology have gone to their big store in Manhattan. Even if you just like gadgets, you’ll have fun visiting B&H.

But B&H can also show you great spots to take pictures of New York City. Where are the best places that show the energy and spirit of NYC? We have some good ideas for day trips where you can take lots of great photos of the Big Apple.

Taking pictures of an amazing city like New York can be hard – getting to places, permits, lighting, and big buildings in the background. As people who live here and love this concrete jungle, we picked easy to reach spots in four boroughs that give you many types of scenes. From big skyline views to cute neighborhoods and green parks, these places will give you awesome photos. And the best part? You don’t need special permission. Just grab your camera and capture the magic!

Below we’ll talk about popular places tourists may know and local favorites. The list has high-up spots for big panorama shots, a boat ride on the water, old-fashioned streets with row houses, and of course Central Park, New York’s urban oasis. Wherever you and your camera go, one thing is sure – with so many great spots, your camera roll will fill up fast. Your creativity will go wild in this concrete jungle! So let’s check out the first spot on our list!

The City from Top of the Rock

If panorama views of the famous New York City skyline are on your photo wish list, Top of the Rock at 30 Rockefeller Plaza is perfect. Unlike the small observation decks at the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock gives you open rooftop views. And with Central Park right there, you can get great greens in front with the concrete jungle behind.

From Top of the Rock’s amazing views, you can spot icons like the Empire State Building sticking up between other skyscrapers. You can even frame the Empire State within your own shot for a one-of-a-kind look at this cool Art Deco tower. See some of Midtown’s other big buildings too like Chrysler and MetLife. And look down at the tiny 5th Avenue below.

While tripods and pro gear aren’t allowed, it’s still friendlier for photos than Empire State’s cramped deck. For best shots, go near sunset when the city lights up gold. Use the Plexiglas panels around the edge to frame unique angles showing off NYC from above.

Cemeteries Offer Surprising Skyline Views

Rising from the maze of gravestones in New York’s iconic cemeteries, a concrete jungle of another kind glitters on the skyline. The striking difference makes photographic magic. Capture the worn grave markers and stone memorials up close, with the famous city backdrop sparkling behind.

Final Words

From top-down city views to street scenes, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the awesome photo ops across New York’s five boroughs. As you check out these spots, some handy tips are: scout places ahead of time, check busiest hours to avoid crowds, use buildings and nature to frame creatively, and bring enough storage and extra lenses. See this list as an appetizer – want to uncover more iconic NYC places to shoot? Trust your artistic eye to find hidden gems in this urban landscape.

The city that never sleeps changes daily, always offering new visual feasts for photos. As you chase that perfect New York picture, remember icons can emerge anywhere in this concrete jungle and waterside wonderland. Keep an open, creative mindset. Embrace surprises, and see this urban museum through your lens. From corner stores to Brownstones, street art to skyscrapers – the chances for visual magic are endless. New York City awaits you – go capture its soul!

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